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Report: Migrant Workers Fight Back!

Migrant Workers Fight Back: Solutions for Migrant Justice


The National Migrant Workers Event, “Migrant Workers Fight Back: Solutions for Migrant Justice” was held in Edmonton on November 12, 2023, at the Providence Renewal Centre. It brought together more than 60 people. Half of them were migrant workers from Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Migrant workers' advocates, faith-based members, settlement workers, and community organizers also attended the event.

The gathering took place on Sunday to increase the likelihood that migrant workers would be able to attend. Breakfast and lunch were provided to make the event more accessible. Whispering translation in Spanish was available for those who needed it.

Migrant workers continue to be subjected to inhumane working and living conditions. Immigration and other policies aiming at protecting workers are informed by labour exploitation discourse, focused on the culpability of single employers instead of addressing fundamental gaps preventing migrant workers from accessing basic rights. Workers continue to organize and fight back against colonial and racist policies and bring forward solutions designed by and for them.

Building on CCR Migrant Worker Subcommittee work, this national meeting was an opportunity for migrant workers, advocates, and grassroots supporters to gather together and discuss strategies for a united response.

Read the report here:

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